To Recommend a Friend

  • Visit the Amigo Loans recommend a friend page and enter your mobile number and email address.
  • This will generate your unique Amigo Loans sharing code.
  • Share this code with your friends to reap the benefit.

To Be Recommended

  • Ensure your referrer has shared their unique link with you.
  • Access the Amigo Loans site via their unique link.
  • Sign up for a loan and continue the payments.

Referrer: 10% of fee

Friend: N/A

Existing Account Required?: No

Maximum Referrals: 5

Recommend a friend to loan agency Amigo Loans and you’ll get 10% of the amount they borrow – so long as they pay the fees! You can refer up to 5 new customers, receiving the same bonus each time.

Looking for a referral code?

Try ours below:

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