Kate Somerville skincare

Kate Somerville skincare

To Refer a Friend

  • Head to the Kate Somerville referral page and open a new account – you can use your existing Twitter, Facebook or Google account to make this easier.
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll find your unique referral code – as well as tools for sharing via social media and email.
  • Share your code with interested friends and family.
  • Ensure they sign up using your unique code or link to unlock the 15% discount.

To Be Referred

  • Get hold of your friend’s unique referral link or code – an easy way for them to share them is via social media.
  • Use this link (or enter the code when prompted to) and open a new account at Kate Somerville.
  • Place your first order.
  • Enjoy your 15% discount.

Referrer: 15% discount

Friend: 15% discount

Existing Account Required?: No

Maximum Referrals: Not specified.

Kate Sommerville is a Hollywood beautician with a range of skincare products that are highly rated across the world. From anti-ageing products to blemish control, every item is shipped free to the UK and comes with 3 product samples. Whether you’re an existing customer or not, sign up and share your unique referral code to grant you and a friend a 15% discount each time you refer a new customer.

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