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To Refer a Friend

  • Head to the referral page and hit the “EARN £30” button.
  • Fill out your details to reveal the sharing options – email and social media options are provided.
  • If you’re already a Leesa member you can manage your referrals by logging in.
  • Get sharing your code with anybody looking for a comfy new mattress, remember that they’ll get an £80 discount to sweeten the deal.
  • Once they’ve completed their 100 day risk-free trial and purchased the mattress you’ll receive your £30 via PayPal.

To Be Referred

  • Get hold of your friend’s referral code (or use ours, it’s in the blue box just below).
  • Follow the referral link onto the Leesa site.
  • Place your order – as part of the refer a friend promotion you’ll enjoy an £80 discount.
  • Enjoy your 100 day risk-free trial and purchase the mattress at the end to unlock your friend’s £30 referral bonus.

Referrer: £30 cash

Friend: £80 discount

Existing Account Required?: No

Maximum Referrals: Unlimited

The Leesa mattress has over 11,000 5 star reviews worldwide – so you can be sure they’re pretty comfortable. Even if you’re not an existing customer you can get on board with Leesa’s refer a friend program, which nets you £30 cash for every new customer you recommend to Leesa. To sweeten the deal they’ll get an £80 discount on the price of their new mattress! The £30 is paid directly into your PayPal account once your friend has completed their free, no-risk 100 night mattress trial.

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