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To Refer a Friend to BT

  • Visit the BT refer a friend page for broadband or mobile and fill out your details – be sure to use the same email address as you use for your BT mobile or broadband account.
  • You will now unlock your sharing options once you’ve successfully signed up. You’ll also receive an email from, so keep an eye out for that. It will contain all the referral details should you need to refer back to them.
  • Share your code or link with friends and family. For everyone who signs up as a new customer you’ll receive an Amazon UK gift card – £50 for broadband sign-ups and £25 for mobile.

Get Referred to BT

  • Get hold of your friend’s unique referral link or code – ask them to share it on social media or copy & paste it directly into an email, text or instant message.
  • Make sure you have the correct link – the relevant page for Mobile and Broadband are separate (see our links section).
  • Sign up for your new account/service. You should receive your referral reward once you have paid your first bill.

Referrer: £25-50 gift card

Friend: £25-50 gift card

Existing Account Required?: Yes

Maximum Referrals: Not specified.

Everybody knows about BT, but not everyone is familiar with the massive range of broadband, TV and mobile services they offer these days. If your broadband or mobile phone are supplied by BT you can share the love by referring friends and family (even if they’re already receiving a different service from BT) to get a nifty voucher once they’ve signed p as a new customer and paid their first bill. Mobile phone referrals are worth £25 while broadband will net you a mighty £50.

Looking for a BT referral link?

We don't have one yet.

Check the comments below for codes from other visitors or check back on this page later.

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