Utility Bills

Utility bills can take up a big chunk of your payslip – get some of it back with one (or more) of our excellent refer-a-friend or recommendations deals.

Octopus Energy

Referrer: £50 Credit
Friend: £50 Credit

British Gas

Referrer: £50 gift card
Friend: £50 gift card


Referrer: £50 credit
Friend: £50 credit

EDF Energy

Referrer: £50 gift card
Friend: £50 gift card

Ovo Energy

Referrer: £25 giftcard
Friend: £25 giftcard

Utility Warehouse

Referrer: £20 voucher
Friend: N/A


Referrer: £20 discount
Friend: £20 voucher

Good Energy

Referrer: £25 discount
Friend: £25 discount


Referrer: £25 credit
Friend: £25 credit

Shell Energy

Referrer: £50 voucher
Friend: £50 voucher