To Refer a Friend

  • Visit the Groupon refer a friend page and sign into your account.
  • Select the method of referral that you prefer – Facebook, Twitter, a link (to copy & paste) or email.
  • Get this code over to your interested friends by whichever method you choose.
  • Ensure they make their first purchase within 72 hours of signing up.
  • Your Groupon account will be credited with £6 per purchase.

To Be Referred

  • Get hold of your friend’s Groupon referral code – they have a number of methods to share it (social media, email, copy & paste).
  • Follow the referral link and sign up for a new account.
  • Ensure you make your first purchase within 72 hours of signing up to unlock your friend’s bonus.
  • Talk them into spending the £6 on something you’ll benefit from as well!

Referrer: £6 credit

Friend: N/A

Existing Account Required?: Yes

Maximum Referrals: Unlimited.

We all know Groupon, the site that offers amazing time-limited deals and coupons for restaurants, trips, shopping vouchers and more. Well, if you’ve got a Groupon account you can refer an unlimited number of friends as new customers and, if they make a purchase within 72 hours of signing up, you’ll receive £6 in Groupon credit – redeemable against any purchase you make on their site.

Looking for a referral code?

Use Ours Below!


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